The destitution network Google group is an open group which is moderated by a member of the network.

It has been set up with the purpose of sharing:
Information about meetings, both GLADAN meetings and wider meetings/ conferences specifically related to destitution in the asylum system.

News which directly relates to destitution in the asylum system (e.g. Glasgow City Council statement condemning this, or update on relevant aspects of immigration bill, or link to newspaper article about changing of locks by O&S)

Local events or fundraising opportunities specifically in support of destitute asylum seekers or organisations helping them.

Requests for information or help in relation to destitute asylum seekers (e.g. ‘the night shelter needs more blankets’ or ‘does anyone know of volunteering opportunities in Easterhouse?’)

It is not intended for expressing personal opinions or for discussion.

Personal details/ name of any individual needing help should NEVER be included in e-mails to the group.

Items to be changed on the website/ information leaflet or issues of direct relevance to the purpose of the network to be raised at meetings should be e-mailed to the network admin at